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Sree Parappukattu Mahadevi Temple

The first stone of this temple was placed on Sept 1998 by Swamiji. This temple is situated on the inherited land of K.V. Rajendran Nair, K.G. Gopalakrishnan Nair, K.V. Prabhakaran Nair, and Smt. Susheelakutty Amma (wife of K.V. Ramachandran Nair) of the Parappukattu family. The temple is managed by a trust comprising of these individuals or their families with the full financial support of K.V. Prabhakaran and his wife Dr. Radha P. Nair. In 1999, Prabhakaran Nair suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and passed away, so his wife Radha P. Nair decided to complete this project with the help of Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi.  The beautiful construction was completed by Arjun Krishnna of Fine Living Constructions.  After 14 years, the temple was finally complete and its inauguration was held on the 23rd through 28th of March, 2013 under the guidance of Brahmasree Mullappally Krishnan Namboothiri.

Sree Parappukkatu Mahadevi Temple also has Sree Rama and Hanuman Swami as its deities on either side of Goddess Durga. Although at first this may seem an odd combination, it is said that Sree Rama and Hanuman traveled through this area in their search for Sita Devi after she was kidnapped by Ravana.  Therefore, in this temple, Sree Rama with Hanuman by his side have a strong presence in this area.   
K. V. Prabhakaran Nair heard of such stories about this temple as a child and hoped he would have the opportunity to rebuild it when he was financially able. His younger brother, K.V. Rajendran Nair introduced him to Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi in 1995. During a visit to Parappukattu tharavadu with Rajendran Nair, Swamiji had mentioned that he feels a very strong presence of the Mother Goddess. Unaware of the history of the MahaKali temple of old, certain family members mentioned that there is a Krishna temple nearby; however, Swamiji was certain that a Feminine power was what he sensed. After speaking to his brother, Prabhakaran Nair knew Swamiji referred to the MahaKali temple, and they discussed rebuilding this temple to honor the Mother Goddess but in a more benign, yet no less powerful form as MahaDevi or Goddess Durga.  
Sree Parappukattu Mahadevi Temple was created by the vision of a few key individuals. Although the exact time is unknown, approximately 200 years ago, there existed a MahaKali temple in the Parappukattu area. This was a very powerful Devi murthy; however following a storm and the accidental destruction of the MahaKali Deity by an uprooted tree, the temple was abandoned and fell into ruins.